Saturday, September 13, 2014

Charms of Katong Part 1

The history of Katong begin as early as 1823 when Francis Bernard, the son-in-law of William Farquhar, started a coconut estate plantation in the district.This part of the land belonged to the rich and prestige in the past. It started mainly as mainly as plantations, then to a wealthy suburb, and now a residential area.

Katong is the name of an extinct species of sea turtle. It also means the rippling effect of a sea mirage when looking at a shoreline. Katong used to be near the sea. That is before the government reclaimed the land.

What does Katong reminds you of?
It reminds me of a very nice Malay song, Di Tanjung Katong. In this post "Charms of Katong Part 1" and "Charms of Katong Part 2", I would introduce some of these places shown in the video.

I went for the Katong Trail organised by Read! Singapore with a group of people lead by the very author of Sherlock Sam, Adan Jimenez. The authors behind the Sherlock Sam series is written by a husband and wife team under the pseudonym, A. J. Low which stands for Adan Jimenez and Felicia Low- Jimenez. To be very honest, I have yet to read Sherlock Sam series prior the tour, hence, I was quite surprise when I got to know he was the one leading the tour! No offence but I truly had expected a local born Singaporean to do it because of Katong's rich history. 

Adan introduced himself in the beginning of the tour at Marine Parade Public Library. He was born in California and immigrated to Singapore after he graduated in New York University. He lives here for 6 years. His wife is Singapore born and is a Peranakan! She used to live very near Katong and hence, Katong become the first place for Sherlock's first case. Unfortunately, she had an operation then and was not able to join us for the tour though she very much would like to do so. 

Adan said they have actually did a lot of research before writing the book, "Sherlock Sam and the missing heirloom in Katong." And I was taken by surprised that the author actually gave us an handout with loads of details about the places we were to visit in the trail. The authors (although Felicia was not there) were definitely very well prepared and full of passion about this place. 

Marine Parade Public Library and the Marine Parade Community Centre does appear in the story of the missing heirloom. These were the places Sherlock retraced and suspected Auntie Kim Lian may have lost her heirloom on her way to these places.
Author Adan Jimenez showed us where he and his wife got their inspiration to wrote the first book, Sherlock Sam and the missing heirloom in Katong.
I was so suaku (ignorant). I did not know that Katong is actually very near the library. I had expected a tour bus to take us to the destination! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Dance with Grace and Elegance

As a little girl, I have always wanted to be a ballet dancer. Haha... one of the little girl's fantasy. Though I would prefer to be able to play a piano if my parents were able to send me to one. Little One loves to dance and she had learnt some basic stretching steps from her friends in her friends in childcare last year. (Unfortunately, we had withdrawn her due to high fees which we could no longer maintain since I have stopped working) I happen to chance upon these books on dances when I brought her to one of the creative movements programme in the library.

1. Invitation to Ballet 
by Carolyn Vaughan ; works of art by Edgar Dgas ; illustrations by Rachel Isadora.
I love this book. I like the idea of integrating Ballet with Paintings of Edgar Dgas. A Performing Art with Visual Art. A brief history of ballet as well a biography of Edgar Dgas makes this book complete.

2. The Little Ballerina 
by Dally Grindley
DK Readers's "The Little Ballerina" is good for children who is beginning to read alone. Recommended for 6 to 8 years old. Although there are quite a number of technical terms, but these can be overcome easily as the book explained clearly how exactly the dance steps (The 5 positions and other dance steps) looked like. They include pictures to demostrate. Little One is not able to read alone as yet. This book is considered difficult for her. As I was reading, I felt the urge to try out and dance with Little One.

It is not surprising that Little One starts to ask for ballet lessons. (Ever since she watch the 12 days of Christmas by a ballet group at Forum) I told her she must persevere if she intends to learn ballet because lots of hard work have to be put in if she intends to be a good dancer. I have yet to do any research to sign her up for any ballet classes. If you have any good ones with trial, please do contact me by leaving me a comment or via the contact form (on the side bar).

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sculptures #4 Along Singapore River and the nearby areas

This week, I am talking you a walk down Singapore river to both sides of the river bank, namely the Financial District and the Civic District, including the museum belt. I shall not dwell too much on history. This, I may save for another post.

Singapore River along Financial District
Kucinta cats (Singapure Cats) at Cavenagh Bridge
 Used to have 15 of these but only 3 were left at present.